Kathy Henry

Chief Financial Officer
Forklift Systems

As the person holding the pocketbook at Nashville’s Forklift Systems, Chief Financial Officer Kathy Henry appreciates being able to stick to her budget.

That’s why, she says, developing a partnership with BlueCore Technologies was attractive to her. She spent several years with another managed IT service provider that billed hourly for all tasks. Bills for IT service fluctuated because of this, and it became hard to manage expenses. Finally, she started asking around for other options and heard about BlueCore.

After meeting with the BlueCore team, Kathy knew it could be a great fit.

“We felt confident that the people we met from BlueCore knew what they were talking about,” she shares. “From their suggestions, we could tell they were looking to help us improve, to be more cost-effective and more efficient. We felt they would be more of a partner to us rather than just an IT vendor.”

When the BlueCore team came in to meet with Kathy, they found several issues that were causing problems for the business. They re-created the company’s entire network, installed a new server and re-installed software to increase Forklift’s efficiency and enable a predictable lifecycle management policy for their hardware.

“From the beginning, our goal was to enable Forklift to benefit from industry best practices,” says Kevin Paschall, Technical Manager for BlueCore. “After providing an evaluation of their hardware and software, we saw how we could come in and help them work to the best of their abilities while also being respectful of their work, budget and timeline.”

Forklift Systems transitioned to BlueCore in 2011, and the company makes regular use of BlueCore’s help desk, off-site backup and networking options.

“When we had our previous vendor, we always wondered if we should call when we had an issue. Now we feel comfortable sending everything to BlueCore,” Kathy notes. “I feel like I spend less time worrying because I know BlueCore is going to take care of it and our IT network is not something I need to be involved in.”