Mike Crosby, CEO
Megan Melvin

Nashville Skin and Cancer

When veteran healthcare executive, Mike Crosby took the helm of Nashville Skin and Cancer as CEO, he was grateful that BlueCore Technologies was already in place as managed IT support for the 12-provider, four-location physician practice.

“I know the good, the bad and the ugly for tech support,” he says. “I’ve been pretty amazed at the response BlueCore is able to give. The team here at Nashville Skin and Cancer had great foresight to see growth for the practice and to grow along with BlueCore.”

“BlueCore is sensitive to the healthcare world and its unique needs and frequent changes,” Mike explains. “We don’t worry that we have the latest version or patch for security. They take care of it.”

As someone who works on the frontlines in the office daily, Megan agrees.

“BlueCore is our go-to,” she says. “Every person we work with is great, and we are very confident in them.”

Mike also touts the vendor management aspect to a BlueCore relationship.

“Since BlueCore has relationships with other vendors of ours, like Comcast, if we have a Comcast issue, we hand that off to BlueCore,” he says. “That way our office staff can continue taking care of patients versus spending hours on the phone reporting an issue.”

The practice uses BlueCore as its IT department on almost every related issue, and, according to Mike, it is the only solution for the growing practice.

“When you have a resource like BlueCore, you have multiple priority,” he notes. “We would not have an internal IT person. With BlueCore, it’s seamless. We don’t worry about it. Any tech problem goes to BlueCore.”