Libby White

Northside Medical Professionals

Libby White was in a bind. As practice administrator for Northside Medical Professionals, a busy, 13-provider healthcare practice in Columbia, Tennessee, she’s responsible for all the clinic’s operations. Their network provider was struggling to resolve their issues and had become less than responsive to their needs.

“We’d had some other problems with our previous vendor,” she says. “We were just growing faster than they could handle.”

She learned about BlueCore from another vendor who does business with the clinic. After meeting with some of the BlueCore team, she became a client. Soon, the team made and implemented several recommendations for optimizing her practice’s technology.

With the clinic open seven days a week, BlueCore’s after hours on-call service is imperative to her. “Even though it’s not traditional business hours, I always get a response,” she admits. “Some of our doctors work at 11:00 p.m. but they get a personal response. And it’s always timely. BlueCore is very customer-oriented.

“As a client, I know we are not always easy to work with,” she laughs, “but BlueCore always supports us.”

“You want a company like BlueCore.”