Chris Beck

Business Administrator
Woodmont Christian Church

When Chris Beck became the Business Administrator of Woodmont Christian Church, one of her biggest concerns was the large, historic church’s computer network.

“We were kind of piecemeal,” Chris says. “We had wi-fi problems, we had email problems. It was a mess.”

Chris started asking around and got a recommendation to check out BlueCore Technologies for their managed IT services. After talking with a couple of businesses who used BlueCore, she decided to invite the team in to discuss the church’s issues.

“We knew we had a lot of initial issues to fix,” Chris says. “But when BlueCore came in, it hit me just how chaotic it had been. Now, we feel like the BlueCore team is part of ours.”

“Many small businesses and nonprofit organizations don’t realize that they can have reliable, cost effective solutions to their problems,” says Dave Purdon, BlueCore’s Chief Technology Officer. “We helped Woodmont move to a hosted email platform and it has made a huge difference for them in usability and their workflow.”

“We are extremely happy with BlueCore,” Chris says.

“We have the consistency of monthly billing and fees, and that is incredibly important for us. And just the fact that we don’t have to try to fix any of our computer issues, we just send a ticket… In fact, we sometimes have to wait to contact BlueCore until our internal team can be available if necessary since BlueCore is so quick to respond! “Before BlueCore, we were very reactive versus being proactive,” Chris acknowledges. “They’ve helped us move away from that mindset.”