Lifecycle Management

As a business leader, have these thoughts ever crossed your mind?

  • Are they seriously asking us to buy new computers again?
  • I swear we just bought all new stuff like six months ago!
  • Why should we replace computers that seem to be working just fine?

Lifecycle management – the regularly scheduled planning and budgeting for replacement of hardware like desktops, laptops and servers – helps avoid unplanned downtime.

Anytime a piece of critical infrastructure goes down unexpectedly and causes necessary business operations to be affected, profitability suffers. Being proactive and not allowing these types of machines to pass out of useful life is the best defense against unexpected downtime.

Closely related to that is the concept of rapid recovery. When unexpected downtime does occur, time is of the essence for business recovery. As a Dell Premier Partner, BlueCore can offer next business day service on any piece of Dell equipment with the appropriate warranty. In the event of an infrastructure failure, this provision allows your service ticket to take priority and instead of waiting for a service appointment that could be several days away, a certified technician will be at work on your issue within one business day.

And if you do have an unanticipated infrastructure failure, BlueCore can fulfill your hardware needs short-term with our equipment rental service.

When all is said and done, hardware purchasing must fit within a budget while at the same time keeping the risk of downtime at bay. BlueCore is committed to helping all clients strike the right balance. Your account team can discuss your business’s lifecycle management plan and recommend the best strategy for you.