Meet Our Team

At BlueCore since 2010.

  • Zip line failure.
  • Recovering HealthCare Administrator.
  • Reluctant dog sitter.
  • Geek whisperer.

Courtney Paschall

Chief Executive Officer

At BlueCore since 2010.

  • Avid reader.
  • Problem solver.
  • Peanut butter cheesecake guru.

Dave Purdon

Chief Technology Officer

At BlueCore since 2013.

  • Gigi to three rugrats.
  • Celebrated 30th wedding anniversary by getting inked.
  • Considers self boringly calm (coworkers disagree).

Angie Medina

Office Manager

At BlueCore since 2012.

  • Queen of bad Uber experiences.
  • Avid hunter.
  • Wife of former UT defensive tackle.

Emma Brown

Account Manager

At BlueCore since 2010.

  • Sheds tech geek persona for fishing gear.
  • Horrible speller.
  • Uses vacation days to hang out in the Dell lab for fun.

Kevin Paschall

Technical Manager

At BlueCore since 2010.

  • Soccer virtuoso.
  • May or may not have learned to drive a stick long before getting a driver’s license.
  • In love with 30+ year old Supra.

Keith Akers

Technical Manager

At BlueCore since 2015.

  • Enjoys helping clients.
  • Dog person.
  • Values home PC over vehicle.

Dustin Hunt

Field Engineer

At BlueCore since 2010.

  • Relationship builder.
  • Cowboys and Preds fan.
  • Disney devotee.

John Holloway

Field Engineer

At BlueCore since 2013.

  • Demolition derby school bus driver.
  • Amateur canoer.
  • Elbowed in the head by US President (twice).

Blake Fox

Field Engineer

At BlueCore since 2017.

  • Chef of the Household.
  • Unwittingly purchased three Green vehicles in a row.
  • Once detained in a Louisiana casino (no charges filed).

John Carlson


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