Don’t be a victim… Happy Data Privacy Day!

On Saturday, January 28, we in the tech world celebrate Data Privacy Day (and yes, before you ask, there really IS a day for everything now). Interestingly enough, this time of year is a popular time for hackers to target business and the reason is simple: most payroll teams are compiling information for W-2s and other paperwork for tax purposes, so the treasure trove of personal data is one place for a hacker to attempt to access. One special agent within the FBI’s Houston Cyber Task Force was even quoted as saying that W-2s are crown jewels for criminals, as it gives access to all the information necessary to file false tax returns and commit other crimes related to identity theft.

According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses are at greater risk for this type of hack because cybercriminals realize small businesses typically have fewer resources for data security than a large corporation might have. And that’s where BlueCore comes in. Because we specialize managing the networks of small businesses (and we are one ourselves!) we are able to give our partners a full service IT department to take care of their network security, as well as to give you guidance and advice on issues that are not specifically network-related.

For example, we advise all our clients to set internal rules regarding cyber security and to educate employees on social media usage as it can relate to hacking or giving access to company data.

Network issues BlueCore tackles for every client are:

  • Virus and other malicious code protection: Our team ensures that antivirus and antispyware software is updated on each of our partner computers. Webroot, our paid antivirus is updated constantly from a cloud based monitor. Microsoft Security Essentials, our free option, is updated frequently via Microsoft.
  • Software updates: BlueCore automatically updates partner computers with the latest software and patches available. You don’t have to wonder if you have the latest version of your software or if that update is legit. We’re already on it.
  • Backup: If you use our cloud backup solution, Intronis, we backup your data nightly in the timeframe that causes the least interruption to your business. This can include your documents, spreadsheets, HR files, accounting files, everything on the network that is managed by BlueCore can be backed up if you choose to do so.
  • Wi-fi security. If you have a wireless internet network, even a home network, make sure it’s hidden and password protected. Within your business, BlueCore keeps wi-fi networks running smoothly and safely.

We at BlueCore truly see ourselves as an extension of your business so when you win, we win. With a data hack, the only winner is the cyberthief. If you want more insight to your own network security, click here for a free assessment of your network