Why VoIP?

Maybe you’ve heard a little about voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone systems and wondered what the fuss was about. Really, offices and homes have had telephone systems for decades. Why look at newer technology when the current systems work just fine?

For many businesses, there are a lot of reasons that VoIP may be a better solution. Cost savings, flexibility and efficiency are three of the most common reasons business leaders first consider a VoIP system.

From a cost standpoint, VoIP can make a huge impact. Because these systems don’t require the same amount of expensive on-site equipment, business owners don’t worry about maintenance or repairs being performed in their offices and interrupting business. Upgrades are pushed out just like computer updates and are auto installed, giving VoIP systems the latest, greatest features immediately. And because VoIP is internet based, it doesn’t matter if your employees are all in one office building or spread out across the world – you have one telephone system to connect all of them eliminating the need for different systems for different locations.

VoIP is flexible in that anywhere you have access to the internet, you have access to your phone system. Access your voicemail from the coffee shop. Redirect your number from the airport. With VoIP, it’s incredibly simple. And as businesses allow more employee flexibility, the ability for remote work is also much more available with a VoIP system than with a traditional telephone provider.

Many businesses find that their efficiency and productivity increase with a VoIP system installation. With easy integration between other applications, VoIP allows employees to avoid jumping in and out of programs during their work. Employees remain accessible with VoIP even when they are not in their offices. Most business owners believe the best perk to VoIP efficiency is that these calls are placed over the same network the company is using for its computer systems, eliminating maintenance and use of at least two separate networks.

BlueCore is an authorized Star2Star reseller, and our team believes this is one of the best VoIP products on the market today. Star2Star offers many great features for any business, including total cloud integration, web and video conferencing and smartphone integration, and with this product comes an easy money-back guarantee. Use your current system and a Star2Star system side by side for 30 days, and if you’re not convinced Star2Star is the best telephony solution for you, you’ll get your money back. Star2Star and BlueCore boast a 99.9 percent reliability rating for this telephony service.

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