Marcos Cruz, MD

C & C Neurology

When Dr. Marcos Cruz started a solo practice in Hendersonville, Tennessee, he got a recommendation from his practice start-up consultants to talk with BlueCore about his computer networking.

“From the start, the entire staff made us feel that they were here to help us,” he says.

According to Dr. Cruz, the service he gets from BlueCore, is top notch. Compliance, billing and computer changes are just some of the topics that BlueCore has helped him with BlueCore

While many of BlueCore’s healthcare clients like to talk about the 24/7 on call service, Dr. Cruz is in the minority on that topic.

“I have been very lucky as I haven’t had to utilize this service,” he confesses. “However, I believe that it’s not a luck issue; I believe that BlueCore performing preemptive checkups is the real reason why I have never used the 24/7 service.”

Dr. Cruz is also a fan of BlueCore’s monthly maintenance partnerships, allowing his practice to accurately budget for his IT needs.

“BlueCore’s prices are very straight forward,” he notes. “Nothing complicated regarding their billing. This allows a solo practitioner like me to be able to afford great IT protection while knowing exactly what my bill will look like. In all of these years, we have never argued about any charged amount.”