Vivian Grise

Western Kentucky Heart and Lung

With 10 locations around south central Kentucky, Vivian Grise, administrator for Western Kentucky Heart and Lung, knows that her technology has to be on point constantly.

“We had another similar company before,” she says, “and we had problems every day. BlueCore had to come in and clean up a lot for us.”

After contracting with BlueCore, Vivian quickly saw value and began to take on services other than managed IT. BlueCore has installed structured wiring to the practice, standardizing for a variety of technology needs like networks, servers, computers and telephony. Likewise, Vivian is already talking with BlueCore about their voice over internet protocol (VoIP) telephone system, and they are working together to determine the best product for Western Kentucky Heart and Lung to use after their upcoming move to a new facility.

While BlueCore takes care of the practice’s servers, networking and other technology related needs, Vivian has also chosen to also take advantage of BlueCore’s hardware-as-a-service offering, leasing all her computers, servers and other equipment rather than purchasing it.

“This choice is the right one for our practice,” she notes. “The financial impact is behind our strategy to lease computers, servers and other equipment versus purchasing it outright. With technology changing so quickly, technology is obsolete in no time, and a newer version is much more capable. With BlueCore managing this for us, we can quickly switch out our current equipment for new pieces in no time, and we have equipment we can count on.”

When it comes to the day-to-day network management, Vivian is a BlueCore believer.

“We never call that they don’t respond immediately,” she says. “Our systems and networks are things I do not have to think about because I know BlueCore will take care of it.”

“BlueCore is the best for us.”